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About Us


The most common question we get.. How do we do it? Almost every furniture store charges $200, $300, even $400 for delivery! The answer is simple really. We do everything ourselves! Running our own crews and equipment saves a ton of money, and since we save, YOU save! Our highly trained team will inspect your furniture at the store, deliver, assemble and setup in the room of your choice. All at NO cost to you.


The Free Shipping Story

   When we first began selling furniture, we came in with the idea that we wanted to provide the best possible product and the lowest price. We promised ourselves that we would do everything we can to adhere to that goal. This is no easy task. We started with free delivery. Most furniture stores charge $200 or more for delivery. We run our own crews to deliver the furniture in order to provide the best service, and at no extra cost or markup to the customer like traditional furniture companies charged. But that wasn't enough for us. The reason most everything is so expensive in Alaska is due to the freight costs. Furniture is certainly no exception, and unfortunately the customer pays for it. So...

   In 2017 we came up with the crazy idea to haul our own freight up from the lower 48. We ran with the idea, bought our own semi truck and trailer and started making runs to England Furniture Co. in Tennessee. This allowed us to offer free shipping on quality U.S.A. made furniture and cut out all the middle men between the furniture factory and our store, saving our customers thousands of dollars. 5 years, 200,000 miles and 6 semi trailers later ,we are picking up almost all of our furniture from cities across the country. We strive to provide great service, a great product, and always pass that savings along to our customers. That's the Image Home way: Alaskans supporting Alaskans.

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